Words matter. They are at the heart of communications – for better or for worse. The right word, phrase, paragraph or broader narrative can create understanding; build trust; spark interest; inspire action; invite dialogue; — or, have the unintended, unwanted consequences and create negative ripple effects.

Communications efficacy is crucial for leaders and organizations if they are to achieve sustaining success. Whether it be in a speech, social media, an email, statement – or another medium — here are just a few of the many ways I can help you find and convey the right words.

Executive Communications: Every word uttered (or written) from a leader is listened to and scrutinized more deeply. Be it a speech, an email, an article – or an informal conversation, words (and tone) matter. I can help you make sure the voice(s) from the top makes the right statement and has the right impact. See The Executive Communications Suite for more!

Positioning and Key Messages: Building the right positioning with compelling key messages is like laying the foundation of a house. Do it right and the bricks that follow (communications/relationships/results) will be sturdier and sound. Do it wrong and you’ve got a shaky, wobbly foundation. I would like to see (and help) you do it well.

Content:  “Content is King” – those three words conveyed decades ago still has resonance today. Your content matters. I can help you craft the right content for a variety of mediums including: articles, speeches, social media, marketing collateral, books – and more.

Change and Transition: The right words during change and transition can inspire enrolment and buy-in – or create resistance, fear and confusion. I can help you ensure the former — and align your words with the right strategy. Choose your words carefully. They matter.

Growth and Expansion: Communicating well is important for all organizations – especially those expanding (hello start-ups…and others too).  As a company grows and/or changes, it’s imperative to have a sound communications strategy and impeccable execution. Otherwise – “bye-bye” cohesion and hello confusion. Get the words (and strategies) right from the get-go to  enrol your talent and convey a unified brand both internally and externally.

Media Relations: One wrong step in communicating with the media can create waves (giant ripples) of unintended consequences. The right steps, of course, can do a whole lot of good. You’ll want to get this right.  This is an area of significant bench-strength and with a compelling track record of more than 25 years of achievement, I can help you. Whether it be at the stage of the interview – or well before, in crafting the right approach, let me help you get it right.

Beneath and Beyond Words: Ahhh – indeed conveying the right words is crucial but what happens before, beneath, and beyond the words? One’s intentions, commitments, mindset, emotional state and personal skills – these too will great impact your communications, for better or for worse. My coaching and training can help you develop more powerful, resonant, and authentic communications from the inside-out. I bring bench-strength in this area and can teach you skills that will take your communications presence to a whole new level. Ask me about the neuroscience of conversations — and my new programs in Conversational Intelligence™ (C-IQ™). You’ll want to know about this.

And there’s so much more…..

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