Executive Communications Suite™

Strategic counsel and coaching for executive & leadership communications — tailor-made for you and the priorities that matter most.

Leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs need to demonstrate exceptional communications skills and behaviours. Finding your authentic voice, communicating internally with your team, leveraging a business advantage with key external audiences – or having those tough but necessary conversations. These are just a few of the communications tasks leaders need to embrace. But in the rapid fire pace of work, it’s sometimes challenging to find the time, craft the right word, the appropriate strategy, the effective statement…..

Need some help?

With more than 25 years of experience as an award-winning communications professional and executive/leadership coach, Eileen Chadnick, is bringing a new offering to leaders and business owners to help them put their best communications ‘foot’ forward.  The Executive Communications Suite™ blends strategic counsel, execution, and coaching for executive and leadership communications. Fully customized to the client we draw from a suite of available expertise and services to you with the priorities that matter most to you.

  • Build/support personal, professional and organizational brands
  • Establish and protect reputations
  • Foster mutually winning relationships
  • Elicit trust amongst  teams, cultures, talent forces and other key stakeholders
  • Empower exceptional results

Customize and get the support you need: Think of the Executive Communications Suite™ like your own customized virtual “Office of the President”. Get the senior-level, objective, and ongoing support you need when you want and need it. Whether you need support for internal or external communications tasks; a sounding board and thinking partner;  media interview preparation and training, or some personalized executive coaching to deal with some tough challenges and potentially brewing conflict situations — we’ve got you covered with a full suite of expertise and offerings available and customized just for you.

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The Suite: Flexible and scale-able, you can tap into any or all of the services and areas of support and expertise below.

  • Executive communications strategy, planning, and roadmap
  • Thought-leadership strategy and execution support
  • Key messages and positioning statements
  • Media skills training and interview preparation
  • Executive Coaching & Training– a suite of coaching and training opportunities (individual and team) including a distinct offering powered by Conversational Intelligence®
  • Issues management
  • Writing
  • Speeches (writing and rehearsal/coaching)
  • And more…

How Does it All Work? 

  • Discovery Process: we begin with conversations (with yourself and anyone else from your team that would make sense) to get to know you and your most salient priorities and needs.
  • Design the starting engagement: from our discovery we can design a starting point for our work together
  • Evolve as you need: along the way we will draw from the suite to support you in new and emerging needs.
  • Maintain confidentiality: you can count on supreme respect of confidentiality in all of our work together
  • Collaborate and work with others as needed: when it makes sense, we’ll work with others in your team, organization to make the right connections and communications happen
  • Monthly connection: We’ll be in touch regularly. Some months might call on more support and some less. We’ll find the right balance for you and leave enough wiggle room and flexibility to adjust as needed

About Eileen Chadnick, ABC, PCC, ACPC: Eileen Chadnick, ABC, PCC, ACPC, brings more than 25 years of experience to her work as a communications professional, an executive coach, and trusted advisor to senior leaders and organizations. Principal of Chadnick Communications and Big Cheese Coaching in Toronto, Eileen helps clients advance personal, professional and organizational wellbeing through leadership and communications excellence. Full bio available.  

Of course – since everything starts with a conversations, care to start one? 

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