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A word, phrase, interaction or even silence can have a profound ripple effect — for better or worse.  Are you communicating with the right impact? Maximize personal, professional, and organizational well-being with executive and leadership communications excellence.

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Does Your Communications Have The Right Ripple Effect?

A word, phrase, interaction, or even silence can have a profound ripple effect on your reputation, relationships and results — for good, better or worse. Communications efficacy can make or break success professionally, personally and organizationally. Need some help finding the right words? Crafting the right strategy and approach? Communicating authentically with clarity and impact?  I can help you shore up your executive and leadership communications efficacy. With a unique “inside-out” approach, together we’ll get you creating the positive ripples you want.

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Managing Conflict: Trust or Bust?

Here's an article I wrote to preview a Webinar that presented with Charity Village on managing conflict in the workplace. This article was first published on the Charity Village website. Registration  - click here!  --- When setting professional goals people rarely...

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Are Your Conversations Creating the Right Ripple Effect?

New Offerings to Foster Communications and Leadership Excellence We have conversations every day, everywhere. At work, home, and most everywhere we go. Some are informal and some formal. Verbal? Written? We talk, convey, converse….all the time. But are we doing it...

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Welcome to the “Conversations” (blog)

A word, phrase, interaction or even silence can have a profound ripple effect — for better or worse. A wrong word, tone....or a missed opportunity to say the right thing....can lead to unintended consequences. It may be subtle or more acute. Perhaps a missed...

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