Conversational Intelligence®For Leaders and Trusted Advisors

Build Trust. One Conversation at a Time.

While most people have good intentions, it is said that that nine in ten conversations often miss their mark and create communications mishaps. Be it a misunderstanding; an unintended comment that triggers distrust; or a missed opportunity to build awareness, good will and understanding in a larger landscape – these and other communications pitfalls can have far-reaching consequences.

Now recognized as one of the most critical factors for success, communications efficacy is essential for leaders, trusted advisors, and talent across the spectrum. Those with strong skills in Conversational Intelligence® are more apt to build sustaining, trusting and rewarding relationships; collaborate more effectively; foster trust; and navigate and/or mitigate conflict and difficult situations with more efficacy. Conversationally intelligent workplaces are more attractive to top talent and more apt to foster compelling results.

What’s Conversational Intelligence*? Conversational intelligence draws from and expands on skills and insights from the fields such as emotional intelligence, leadership, communications — and more saliently, neuroscience. Conversationally intelligent leaders have a greater understanding of our brain ‘at work’ and what triggers distrust vs. trust and how to maximize the latter and minimize or mitigate the former.

New Offerings Powered By Conversational Intelligence® : With more than 25 years in professional communications consulting, coaching and training, I am pleased to now integrate Conversational Intelligence into my suite of offerings.

Available in workshops (and supporting “skills-shops”), presentations, webinars, and executive/leadership coaching, this area of focus will inspire transforming conversations that can translate into more trust, better relationships, enhanced leadership-ability and more authentically positive cultures.

Highlights: To give you a starting ‘taste’ of some of the learning opportunities available to you — here are a few highlights:

  • Learn about the most critical (and common) communications blind spots;
  • Learn about the neuroscience of good/bad conversations; how trust and/or distrust impact our neurochemistry and communications efficacy;
  • Learn to self-manage the triggers and reactions that take us off our best game;
  • Learn about the 3 different levels of conversations and develop mastery in knowing when and how to engage in each, which level is the most under-used higher level / higher potential conversation;
  • Learn how to transform dialogues and relationships from ‘me’ to ‘we’ – without losing the individual’s voice in the mix;
  • Gain confidence and strategies to deal with conflict and/or sensitive conversations;
  • Learn conversation strategies and rituals to prime yourself and others for more successful dialogues, relationships and outcomes;
  • And much more

Since everything starts with a conversation – shall we start one?

*C-IQ and “Conversational Intelligence” is a Registered Trademark of Benchmark Communications. Eileen Chadnick is trained in Conversational Intelligence and part of a global community of coaches immersing together in Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®).