Helping leaders and organizations achieve personal, professional, and organizational well-being with communications and leadership excellence.

Over the years I’ve worked hundreds of emerging to more experienced leaders; and a broad array of organizations from different sectors including: financial services, education, consumer brands, technology, and more. Some of these client organizations have been top tier, known brands. Others have been new and still emerging.

What do all my clients have in common? Individually or organizationally — they want to do better – in communications and/or leadership. Whether you need just a bit of support or a fuller gamut, my services (from past and now some brand new offerings) are ideal for you if:

  • You have a mandate for communications and/or marketing in your organization:  You have responsibility for getting the word (and story) out to your stakeholders and could use some help either on particular projects or in a more ongoing way.
  • You have a mandate for training within your organization: You want to build more robust communications and leadership-ability internally.
  • You are a leader – or an emerging leader: As an executive, you need to shore up your leadership-ability and/or parts of your communications efficacy. Whether it’s training/coaching  – or getting help with your executive communications (speeches, messaging, other), I can help.
  • You are a trusted advisor and want to do better: You bring a professional service and/or counsel to others either internally in your organization or directly to your customers and stakeholders. It’s imperative that you build trust, credibility, and connection with those you serve. You could use some help making that happen.
  • You own or work at a start-up: You are running like mad to get your business off the ground and haven’t had the time or know-how to sort out things like communications (internally, externally) and leadership/people development. You could use some help.
  • You already provide communications and/or leadership development services (i.e. an agency, consulting firm) – but could use some extra arms, legs (and brains) to support you on occasion:  Over the years, I’ve worked with many other agencies, consulting firms — offering some additional pinch-hitting on various assignments. I can work within your brand to bring you the extra capacity you need to serve your clients well.

Don’t see yourself here? No worries – if you think you can use some help with any facet of your communications and leadership-ability, then get in touch. Remember, since everything starts with a conversations, we should talk. 

Get in touch - I look forward to hearing from you.